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25December 2017

Be The Kindness

A good friend and I annually commence our Christmas tradition at Seattle’s Metropolitan Grill with two glasses of bubbly. After clinking our long-stemmed flutes in a toast to our long-lasting friendship and another year [...]

10December 2017

A Brave Hello

I stand at a bus stop under falling leaves. Two women sit side-by-side, leg-to-leg on a bench. They are over seventy, I guess, seniors for sure. Their eyes appear darkly rimmed in eyeliner, but [...]

19June 2017


“Laura, you don't need a flag. You are a flag. You could use a baton though,” one of my coworkers says to me as I, in my flowy kaftan, lead my parade of eight [...]

29January 2017

Open Your Heart

I recently traveled to a beach paradise—St. Martin in the West Indies. An invisible line divides the north French side from the southern Dutch, but it is all Caribbean. A much needed respite. [...]

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-Marcus Aurelius