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I’m Laura: ecologist, writer, traveler, lover of life, and good at being happy.
10 December 2017

A Brave Hello

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I stand at a bus stop under falling leaves. Two women sit side-by-side, leg-to-leg on a bench. They are over seventy, I guess, seniors for sure. Their eyes appear darkly rimmed in eyeliner, but no, their teardrop shape is natural. Their teeth, though aged, glow against their ruby lips and dark skin. They are [...]

19 June 2017


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“Laura, you don't need a flag. You are a flag. You could use a baton though,” one of my coworkers says to me as I, in my flowy kaftan, lead my parade of eight through the busy intersections of Pioneer Square like a marching ringmaster. Or maybe a crossing guard jogging it out with high-knees? [...]

29 January 2017

Open Your Heart

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I recently traveled to a beach paradise—St. Martin in the West Indies. An invisible line divides the north French side from the southern Dutch, but it is all Caribbean. A much needed respite. A vacation. What would I discover here among these lush hills, winding roads, and turquoise waters lapping over sand the [...]

6 November 2016

More Coffee. Less Conflict.

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A neighborhood friend of mine called the other morning and said, “Hey, wanna latte? I’m in line at the coffee shop.” My reply came in one exhale, “Let-me-think-about-it-yes-extra-hot-with-hazelnut, please!” Later, as the cup of java warmed my hands and my soul on a rainy morning, he brings up the election. He fires off, “I’d never [...]